48 Championship Basketball Drills

This App shows coaches and parents from the youth level all the way up to High School a wide variety of useful drills.

"48 Championship Basketball Drills" covers: shooting, conditioning, defensive skills, rebounding, ball handling, passing and foul shooting techniques.
The 22 shooting drills are especially valuable and many of them have been used by teams at all levels.

The App concludes with four sample practices along with ten coaching tips.

The App is fast paced and each drill starts with a picture of a basketball court with the placement of where the players should line up.

Features Logbook

  • -Automatically create session plans for you. Don’t think about when to start. The app got it all figured out.
  • Schedule sessions in a calendar. We have this slick calendar view, which makes it easy for you to remember when to start your next session.
  • Rate and review sessions. After every practice you can rate the session and leave some personal notes, so you can remember later what was special about this particular session.
  • Autologging sessions. Learn and train at your own pace. Just start a session by using the stop watch whenever you feel like it. The Session Logbook will automatically save your improvements and raise your status (we even have little achievments..)
  • Statistics
  • Achievments
  • Multisessionplans
  • Stopwatch and Logbook usable without App content

Curated by:

Coach Marty Schupak