59 Minute Championship Baseball Practice

The best selling instructional DVD "the 59 Minute Baseball Practice" is now available in as an App with an incredible trainingscalendar. The Youth Sports Club is the national leader in instructional sports videos being the producer of such best selling titles and Apps as "48 Championship Basketball Drills", "Winning Baseball Strategies", "Championship Soccer Drills" and the award winning "Backyard Baseball Drills".
This App will enable parents and coaches to show the 34 drills right on the iPad at the playing field.

During more than a decade of coaching youth baseball teams, Marty Shupak realized that he kept seeing coaches and teams put hour after hour into practices that became so repetitive that they served only to bore the Little Leaguers forced to endure them. He sought to remedy the problem by devising practice routines that can take less than an hour, and which consist of drills that the kids will not only find fun and interesting, but will help them consistently develop their baseball skills. In this video, Shupak and a band of Little Leaguers demonstrate more than 30 different drills that can be used on the practice field with an entire team as well as by parents and children in a backyard session. The drills focus on basics such as base running, hitting, and fielding, but they often provide a wrinkle designed to keep the kids enthused, such as a defensive drill in which fielders practice throwing from third to first while in a kneeling position, or hitting drills in which a very soft ball made of old rags and masking tape is used.

Features Logbook

  • Automatically create session plans for you. Don’t think about when to start. The app got it all figured out.
  • Schedule sessions in a calendar. We have this slick calendar view, which makes it easy for you to remember when to start your next session.
  • Rate and review sessions. After every practice you can rate the session and leave some personal notes, so you can remember later what was special about this particular session.
  • Autologging sessions. Learn and train at your own pace. Just start a session by using the stop watch whenever you feel like it. The Session Logbook will automatically save your improvements and raise your status (we even have little achievments..)
  • Statistics
  • Achievments
  • Multisessionplans
  • Stopwatch and Logbook usable without App content

Curated by:

Marty Schupak