Backyard Baseball Drills

Backyard Baseball Drills" has taken over two years to complete. This creative App is geared for all parents and kids who love baseball or softball. The App is comprised of over 30 great drills that can be played in one’s own backyard. Coach Marty Schupak shows parents how to get the most out of common items found in one’s home and creates different and new baseball drills and games. Using things such as a bathroom plunger, a plastic milk container and a cinder block, coach Schupak goes through some basic drills a child age four or five can do. He also shows alternatives for baseball training props such as a "do it yourself" tarp made for under twenty dollars which does the same job as a two hundred dollar net.! The App also contains some advanced drills kids ages eight to fourteen can do. This is a true baseball lovers delight that parents will use continually as a resource.

Features Logbook

  • Automatically create session plans for you. Don’t think about when to start. The app got it all figured out.
  • Schedule sessions in a calendar. We have this slick calendar view, which makes it easy for you to remember when to start your next session.
  • Rate and review sessions. After every practice you can rate the session and leave some personal notes, so you can remember later what was special about this particular session.
  • Autologging sessions. Learn and train at your own pace. Just start a session by using the stop watch whenever you feel like it. The Session Logbook will automatically save your improvements and raise your status (we even have little achievments..)
  • Statistics
  • Achievments
  • Multisessionplans
  • Stopwatch and Logbook usable without App content

Curated by:

Coach Marty Schupak




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