The Information of Light: Professional Brain Wave Synchronization
Claudia Tapeser has successfully introduced „Hemisphere Synchronization“ on German TV. The user is now enabled to employ this technology on the iPhone, to exercise one’s brain and discover so far undetected potential. The audio/video production "The Information of Light" begins with a cleansing thunderstorm, and it enhances sensitivity and intuition by means of a powerful alteration between English affirmations and the profound language of all matter’s soul.
Holy choirs and affirmations help finding new strength of thought and bring forward creative thinking.
The right hemisphere (right half of the brain), which can in a

  • parallel,
  • pictorial,
  • emotional,
  • uncoordinated
  • and undamped way

absorb an almost limitless amount of information, can in synchronal collaboration with the left hemisphere, which

  • structures,
  • analyzes,
  • selctects
  • and combines

improve the creative activity. Our brain is on a specific level of oscillation - according to its present conscience-condition.
In a sense, these oscillations represent the brain activity frequency. An essential aim of a regular meditative practice with audio-visual stimulation is, in the long run, to tendencially balance out the brain frequences. With "The Information of Light“, the brain is exercised in order to produce balanced brain waves and to keep up this activity in daily life. Up to 80 % of all users confirm a distinctive efficiency and an improvement of the mental, creative and intuitive abilities/skills.

"The Information of Light" stimulates imagination, makes for spontaneous ideas, and enhances creativity.  In addition to the „Hemisphere Synchronization“ as such, this app provides exercises to help achieving the alpha condition plus extended information about moldavites.

Curated by:

Claudia Tappeser