Master Rupert F. Shonaike, born London 1947, took an early interest in the Martial Arts. He is  a master of Tai Chi Chuan, chinese yoga, calisthenics and chinese boxing (soft style).

In 1961 he won the ABA Boxing Championships for London. From 1973 he trained fulltime with the late Prof. Chee Soo of the International Wu Shu Association in Tai Chi Chuan, Chinese Yoga and a soft style of Chinese Boxing. The Yang Style of Tai Chi Chuan he trained with students of the late Yang Shou Chung. In 1977 he was one of only 3 TCC trainers in Germany.

Today he runs a busy studio in the heart of Cologne where he leads teachers courses and public traings.

He also works as a Stressmanagement-Trainer with Corporations i.e since 1997 regular weekly courses at the Ford Motor Company Europe. He is also the author and producer of the 'amazon'-Bestseller DVD: Tai Chi Chuan, Cassical Yang Style in 5 Chapters.


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