Uta Feuerstein holds an MBA (German: Dipl.) in Voice Training and Therapy, she is a singer, voice trainer and teacher. She is the author of the book „Stimmig sein. Die Selbstregulation der Stimme in Gesang und Stimmtherapie“, Junfermann, 2000 („Being Harmonious – Voice self-regulation in singing and voice therapy“) as well as of various professional articles. Moreover, she was a guest in several radio programs (e.g. WDR, Cologne).

With psychologist Uta Himmelmann, she has conceptualized her own voice training method: The „ Stimmig sein – Method®“ („Being Harmonious Method“), a functional psychointegral self regulation for song and the speaking voice.

In the Stimmig sein-Institut für Gesang, Sprechstimme & Psyche, Cologne („Being Harmonious Institute for song, speaking voice and mind“) she offers one-on-one coachings, education and advanced training according to her method.

Affiliated is an office clinic specialized in dysphonia. She also provides in-house training sessions with Stimme & Coaching (Voice & Coaching) for professional speakers. Uta Feuerstein has been establishing her reputation as a trainer in the field of professional speaking voice, song and speech therapy since 1992.


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