Free your Voice!

With this App you will learn how your voice works. You will get background information about your voice, how the voice is developed and how singing works. We will guide you to the voice self regulation which liberates your voice. This app includes Exercises for your voice.

How the voice is developed
Voice development is based on an easily comprehensable, fundamental mechanism. Regarding their functionality, breathing and voice resemble a balloon. A blown-up balloon corresponds with our condition after breathing in. Now tug on the rubber lip at the balloon’s inlet and stretch it: this corresponds to the process of the vocal folds apposing, and hence producing the vocal folds to tighten. The emitting airstream causes the balloon’s membrane to vibrate (the thick rubber ring) – just like the breathing air does with closed vocal folds – and we hear a sound.

Unlike the balloon, we also have the so called vocal tract – the resonating cavity above the vocal folds.
Besides every natural sound, so called overtones are developed - low sounds that you are not consciously aware of without training.
The voice overtones are partially strengthened and partially slackened, which on the one hand results in us recognizing various vowel sounds, and which is on the other responsible for what we call the „vocal timbre“ – the unique sound of an individual voice.

An individual voice is accordingly distinguished by vocal timbre. Moreover, the vocal timbre defines if one sounds, for example, rather brillant, more sonorous or even muffled and guttural. These differences in the sound of voice come about through alterations in the vocal tract. There are three crucial fac-tors that are essential for voice quality: Breathing, vocal folds closure and resonating cavity. Not forgetting our sense of hearing – that is, not just hearing as such, but the capacity to keenly listen to our voice and to distinguish high quality from low quality. We thereby unconsciously utilize the very muscles that bring about the desired sound outcome.

Uta Feuersteins Stimmig sein-Method®“ („Being Harmonious Method“) is the widley published method to free your voice.

Curated by:

Dipl. Voice Coach Uta Feuerstein