Tai Chi Chuan by Master Rupert F. Shonaike

With Tai Chi Chuan Master Rupert Shonaike, we take Tai Chi Chuan on the iPhone to another level. Rupert Shonaike is a Tai Chi Chuan Master, as well as a master of soft self-defense arts, Chinese Yoga and Callisthenics. In 1977, he was one of the first three Tai Chi teachers in Germany. Since he was 16, he has been dedicating himself to oriental self-defense techniques. He seeked the guidance of Chinese masters, in order to approach sources of ancient techniques and wisdom. During his 10-year long studies (including time spent as an assistant teacher), he studied Tai Chi Chuan, Chinese Yoga and Chinese macrobiotics with Prof. Chee Soo (founder of the „International Wu Shu Association“, London).

Tai Chi Chuan Form – Classic Yang Style
Health-promoting motion exercises, dance, self-defense, meditation – these are all combined in Tai Chi Chuan. In gentle, graceful and at the same time powerful movements, one glides through a series of positions: „The Form“, which was originally developed in the thirteenth century by the Taoist monk Chang San-Feng.
According to the legend, he was inspired by watching a fight between a snake and a crane. The snake stood out through her resilience, the crane by its sweeping and graceful movement.

This scene imbued him to come up with a series of movements supposed to express the body’s harmony with the universe. According to a different source, Tai Chi Chuan has been developed from Shaolin-Chuan, which all martial arts are reputedly originating from.
Its movements are based on characteristics of the dragon, tiger, leopard, snake and crane. Starting there, Chang San-Feng developed Tai Chi-Chuan, by combining movement with I-Ging philosophy (Book of Metamorphoses) and Chi-Kung, the Taoist art of breathing.

The advancement continued in secret for more than 400 years, until Yang Lu-Chang, founder of the Yang style, started the first public training, by invitation of the emperor and his family.
This classic style has been passed on by the Yang family up to the present day.
Master Rupert Shonaike is one of the most famous teachers of the classic style in Europe.
The most appropriate translation for Tai Chi Chuan is probably this: „the highest completion of the art of motion“.

Learn the history of Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style told by Master Rupert Shonaike.

The Roots of Tai Chi Chuan: This movie  includes historical background on the origins of Tai Chi Chuan and theinterconnection with the 5 Elements.

Master Yang Chengfu and the 10 points: Here are the 10 points important in the practise of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan as passed on by Yang Cheng fu. Also illustrated are the Selfdefense Applications in the 3rd part of the Yang Style form.

The Three Treasures: These exercises are knon to be between 2-3 thousand years old and where practiced by warrior monks. These movements helped them to survive the sometimes hard and brutal conditios. Today the same exercises help us to better cope and regain balance in our every day tasks and challenges

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