Tai Chi Chuan Pro Series Chapter III - 2nd Part of the Form Episode II.

The Classical Yang Style Form of Tai Chi Chuan consists of 3 Parts:

• Part 1 = Earth
• Part 2 = Heavens
• Part 3 = Mankind

This App follows on from the Tai Chi Pro Series, Chapter II and teaches the second half of Part II, which will guide you through most of the turning and leg techniques within the form.
This includes the spinning of your body on one leg, either for kicking or to evade an attack.

The kicks in the second part are varied. Starting with the separation of the right and left foot to the corners and continuing with kicking with the sole of the foot as well as with with your toes.

You will learn turning the body into the four corners, to defend and counter emphasise the training of the balance and flexibility. This helps to further strengthen the spine and bring greater mobility and ease to the whole skeletal sytem. Many of the self defense applications are also included in this app.

The first part of the form represents the earth and the second part the heavens. Expressions of which are found in images such as "wave hands like clouds" and the diagonal slant "flying of the crane".

With the aid of the beautifully illustrated and easy-to-follow movies, the practitoner will get the tools for the development of a deeper understanding of the Classical Yang Style.

And for the non-practitioner it is a very relaxing and pleasurable viewing experience.

Music by Paul Horn



Curated by:

Master Rupert F.Shonaike