Walking Library, the „moving“ library, is our product line of high-grade education- and knowledge applications. Our vision is to deliver high-grade applications which constantly stay with the user. Brief learning units fitting into small time frames. Developed by experts. Our experts are specialists and instructors in and for their respective fields of expertise.

By means of technology, learning becomes more exciting. Smart phones offer a unique range of technology. A book is not capable of showing animated graphics, a DVD cannot be played everywhere, and a computer is not always at hand.


Walking Library mediates by:

  • A well reasoned knowledge concept, suitable with the medium and the situationUnits optimized regarding length and level of intensity
  • Exciting, non-repetitive contents
  • Use of all technological options (Touchpad, Gyrosensor etc.)
  • Uses of senses

To pass on knowledge, we make use of all technological options. Our applications mediate knowledge in an exciting way by means of well structured texts and specifically produced videos, as well as sound and audio files, photos and graphics customized for the iPhone.


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